Chair: Professor Richard Szabo (United Kingdom)

Vice-chair: Doctor Paolo Aschieri (Italy)

Noncommutative Geometry is at the heart of quantum physics, and its many facets and developments have widely influenced both physics and mathematics. In particular, Noncommutative Geometry is related to a quantum theory of gravity and a possibly unified perspective on the fundamental forces of Nature.

This COST Action MP1405 aims to create a Network with world experts from across Europe in the interconnected research subjects of Noncommutative Geometry and Gravity.

As data emerges from Cosmic Microwave Background and quantum interferometry experiments, a prime objective of the Action will be to seek measurable signatures of quantum spacetime. It will achieve a wider and deeper understanding of theory/experiment connections to produce world-leading advances in quantum geometry, and applications to String Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Particle Physics, and Cosmology. This will be achieved through collaborations and scientific  activities, which will in particular ensure fair gender representation and foster participation of early stage researchers.

The Action will impact on science and society at large through the revolutionary understanding of fundamentals of space and time that it achieves, and through the organisation of a digital respository for Noncommutative Geometry related resources.


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