Curved momentum spaces from quantum (Anti-)de Sitter groups in (3+1) dimensions

2018, May 30
A. Ballesteros, G. Gubitosi, I. Gutierrez-Sagredo, F.J. Herranz
Physical Review D, vol. 97 (2018) 106024

Curved momentum spaces associated to the $\kappa$-deformation of the (3+1) de Sitter and Anti-de Sitter algebras are constructed as orbits of suitable actions of the dual Poisson-Lie group associated to the $\kappa$-deformation with non-vanishing cosmological constant. The $\kappa$-de Sitter and $\kappa$-Anti-de Sitter curved momentum spaces are separately analysed, and they turn out to be, respectively, half of the (6+1)-dimensional de Sitter space and half of a space with $SO(4,4)$ invariance. Such spaces are made of the momenta associated to spacetime translations and the “hyperbolic” momenta associated to boost transformations. The known $\kappa$-Poincaré curved momentum space is smoothly recovered as the vanishing cosmological constant limit from both of the constructions.