Dimensional Deception from Noncommutative Tori: An alternative to Horava-Lifschitz

2017, December 21
F. Lizzi, A. Pinzul
Phys. Rev. D 96, 126013

We study the dimensional aspect of the geometry of quantum spaces. Introducing a physically motivated notion of the scaling dimension, we study in detail the model based on a fuzzy torus. We show that for a natural choice of a deformed Laplace operator, this model demonstrates quite nontrivial behavior: the scaling dimension flows from 2 in IR to 1 in UV. Unlike another model with a similar property, the so-called Horava-Lifshitz model, our construction does not have any preferred direction. The dimension flow is rather achieved by a rearrangement of the degrees of freedom. In this respect the number of dimensions is deceptive. Some physical consequences are discussed.