Duality Twisted Reductions of Double Field Theory of Type II Strings

2017, September 12
Aybike Catal-Ozer
Journal of High Energy Physics 1709 (2017) 044

We study duality twisted reductions of the Double Field Theory (DFT) of the RR sector of massless Type II theory, with twists belonging to the duality group Spin+(10,10). We determine the action and the gauge algebra of the resulting theory and determine the conditions for consistency. In doing this, we work with the DFT action constructed by Hohm, Kwak and Zwiebach, which we rewrite in terms of the Mukai pairing: a natural bilinear form on the space of spinors, which is manifestly Spin(n,n) invariant. If the duality twist is introduced via the Spin+(10,10) element S in the RR sector, then the NS-NS sector should also be deformed via the duality twist U=ρ(S), where ρ is the double covering homomorphism between Pin(n,n) and O(n,n). We show that the set of conditions required for the consistency of the reduction of the NS-NS sector are also crucial for the consistency of the reduction of the RR sector, owing to the fact that the Lie algebras of Spin(n,n) and SO(n,n) are isomorphic. In addition, requirement of gauge invariance imposes an extra constraint on the fluxes that determine the deformations.