Emergent 4D gravity on covariant quantum spaces in the IKKT model

2016, June 2
H. C. Steinacker
arXiv Preprint

We study perturbations of the 4-dimensional fuzzy sphere as a background in the IKKT or IIB matrix model. The linearized 4-dimensional Einstein equations are shown to arise from the classical matrix model action, without adding an Einstein-Hilbert term. The excitation modes with lowest spin are identified as gauge fields, metric and connection fields. In addition to the usual gravitational waves, there are also physical “torsion” wave excitations. The quantum structure of the geometry encodes a twisted bundle of self-dual 2-forms, which leads to a covariant 4-dimensional noncommutative geometry. The formalism of string states is used to compute one-loop corrections to the effective action. This leads to a mass term for the gravitons which is significant for $S^4$, but argued to be small in the Minkowski case.