Massive Deformations of Type IIA Theory Within Double Field Theory

2018, February 28
Aybike Catal-Ozer
Journal of High Energy Physics 1802 (2018) 179

We obtain massive deformations of Type IIA supergravity theory through duality twisted reductions of Double Field Theory (DFT) of massless Type II strings. The mass deformation is induced through the reduction of the DFT of the RR sector. Such reductions are determined by a twist element belonging to Spin+(10,10), which is the duality group of the DFT of the RR sector. We determine the form of the twists and give particular examples of twist matrices, for which a massive deformation of Type IIA theory can be obtained. In one of the cases, requirement of gauge invariance of the RR sector implies that the dilaton field must pick up a linear dependence on one of the dual coordinates. In another case, the choice of the twist matrix violates the weak and the strong constraints explicitly in the internal doubled space.