11th Nordic String Theory Meeting

2017, February 9  —  2017, February 10
WG1, WG3
Olaf Lechtenfeld

The Nordic String Meeting is a series of annual meetings at alternating “nordic” locations, which so far have included Berlin, Bremen, Copenhagen, Groningen, Hamburg, Hannover, and Potsdam-Golm with a ten-year tradition. The idea of the meeting is to provide a forum for young researchers (early career investigators) to exchange ideas with their peers and present their research to a forum of experts and established scientists. Topics include but are not limited to string theory and quantum gravity. Examples of recent topics are BH information paradox and AdS/CFT, supergravity, higher spin gravity, quantum deformed spacetimes, quantum integrable systems, etc to name just a few. The typical number of participants is 30 (up to 70 in the past) and most are from COST member countries.

In order to keep the organizational overhead of the meeting low, participants usually pay for their own travel. Travel costs are also kept low by keeping to a short but intense two day format and focusing on “nordic” places. This geographic focus, however, does not at all limit the original origin of the scientists participating in the meeting: Essentially all COST member and inclusiveness countries have been represented in the meetings so far.