2016 Bayrischzell Workshop on Noncommutativity and Physics: Quantum Spacetime Structures

2016, April 29  —  2016, May 2
Bayrischzell, Germany
WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4, WG5
Michael Wohlgennant

The Bayrischzell workshop, with its long tradition started by Julius Wess many years ago, is
devoted to foundational aspects of theoretical particle physics, with emphasis on new math-
ematical structures. The purpose of the workshop is to foster new ideas and bring together
established and junior researchers. About 50 international scientists participate in the annual
3 1/1 -day workshop. Essentially all of the usual participants are now COST members. A large
fraction comes from COST inclusiveness countries like Croatia, Czech Republic, Luxemburg,
Poland, Serbia, Slovakia. The overarching theme in recent years has been noncommutativ-
ity and physics. The 2016 workshop shall focus on the geometric structures for quantum