2018 Bayrischzell Workshop

2018, April 20  —  2018, April 23
WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4, WG5
Angel Ballesteros

2018 Bayrischzell Workshop on Noncommutativity and Physics:
Hopf algebras in Noncommutative Geometry

to be held in Bayrischzell, Germany,
Friday April 20 (arrival, dinner)  – Tuesday April 24 (departure day, no talks).

For more information see the web page

During the workshop, the Working Group 2 meeting will take place on Monday, April 23 2018.

Limited support for travel and accomodation is available from COST funds for participants from member countries (with priority for speakers). We are taking care of the hotel booking in the conference hotel. In order to register for the workshop and the conference hotel, please send an email to the organisers, including your arrival and departure dates.

Angel Ballesteros
Branislav Jurco
Catherine Meusburger
Anna Pachol
Stephan Waldmann
Michael Wohlgenannt