2019 Bayrischzell Workshop

2019, April 12  —  2019, April 16
WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4, WG5

Bayrischzell Workshop 2019
Quantum structure of space-time: Generalized geometry and symmetries

The 2019 workshop focuses on geometric structures and symmetries relevant for the description of quantum space-time. The aims of the workshop are on the one hand to investigate the possible quantum versions of classical reduction procedures and suitable formulations of them, and on the other hand to identify future perspectives. This way, we will try to approach a coherent viewpoint on reduction both from the classical and quantum side. Moreover, we aim at a deeper understanding of noncommutative/nonassociative and also higher geometrical structures appearing in the realm of string theory and Double Field Theory/ Exceptional Field Theory. These structures are crucial in constructing effective theories of gravity appropriate for describing phenomenologically relevant nongeometric string vacua.