KK-theory, Gauge Theory and Topological Phases

2017, February 27  —  2017, March 10
Lorentz Center Leiden
W.D. van Suijlekom

This is a school and workshop on new developments in Kasparov theory (also referred to as KK-theory) motivated by applications to gauge theory and topological phases of matter.

The school is intended for PhD-students and postdocs working on KK-theory and/or its applications to physics. This includes young scientists who work on gauge theory or on topological phases with a strong mathematical background, and who want to learn the novel approach to these fields that KK-theory has in stock. Moreover, it is an opportunity for more senior people who are in related fields and want to learn KK-theory.

The workshop is intended for scientists working in the field and also in topological phases of matter, and particularly for the participants of the preceding school. It will attract leading experts from all parts of the world, but will also function as a platform for talented young scientists.