Meeting on “The early Universe as a signature for quantum spacetime”

2017, March 27  —  2017, March 29
Fedele Lizzi

The meeting will the format of a “working reunion”. A  limited number of participants, rather than a sequence of  talks we are planning to have few “conveners” of discussions. The role  of the convenor will be to prepare some material to be circulated in  advance, present an introduction of the topic and then moderate the  discussion. The ration between talk and discussion should ideally be 50-50. At present confirmed participants are:

P.  Aschieri, R. Brandenberger, F. Bouchet, A. Chatzistravakidis, M. de Cesare, F. Lizzi, G. Mangano, D. Oriti, M. Sakellariadou, G. Saviddy, H. Steinacker, N. Toumbas, G. Zoupanos