Testing Quantum Gravity

2016, May 26  —  2016, May 27
Torino, Italy
P. Aschieri, F. Lizzi, M. Genovese

The WG1 meeting “Testing Quantum Gravity” aims to
foster a discussion among theoreticians and experimentalists on the
possibility to find experimental signatures of quantum spacetime.

It will be held in Turin (Italy, EU), 26   – 27 MAY 2016 (arrival
Thursday 25, departure Saturday 28), and include Invited Talks,
Contributed Talks and possibly a poster session. Plenty of space will
be devoted to discussions and some invited talks will be to present
pointers for discussions rather than the latest (technical) results.

The preliminary list of speakers is:

Giovanni  Amelino-Camelia
Leonardo  Castellani
Catalina  Curceanu
Antonio	  Di Domenico
Sergio	  Doplicher
Craig	  Hogan
Lorenzo	  Maccone
Gianpiero Mangano
Nikolaos  Mavromatos
Alberto	  Porzio
Anna	  Pachol
Guglielmo Tino*
David	  Vitali
Christof  Wetterich*

* to be confirmed