Training school “Quantum Structure of Spacetime and Gravity”

2016, August 21  —  2016, August 28
Belgrade, Serbia
Harold Steinacker

We would like to invite PhD students and postdocs to the 1st COST QSPACE training school

“Quantum Structure of Spacetime and Gravity”

to be held in Belgrade, Serbia, August 21-28, 2016.
The school will focus on topics related to noncommutative geometry and gravity.
It consists of five lecture series:

1) Random Matrices (lecturer: Francois David)
2) 3D Gravity (lecturer: Catharine Meusburger)
3) Fuzzy spaces and applications (lecturer: Harold Steinacker)
4) Spectral triples and related methods (lecturer: Dmitri Vassilevich )
5) Geometry with fluxes (lecturer: Peter Schupp)

Following the lectures, there will be study and tutorial sessions in the afternoon,
as well as some slots reserved for student talks. The aim is to provide the students
with the necessary background to pursue original research in these and related topics.

Deadline for application is May 31 if applying for financial support
(available for participants from countries involved in COST QSPACE action)
and June 30 otherwise.

For additional information visit

Harold Steinacker
(on behalf of the organizers)