WG1 Reunion on “Noncommutative Geometry, Spectral Action and High Energy Physics”

2016, January 27  —  2016, January 29
Fedele Lizzi

A reunion dedicated to the physical applications of Noncommutative Geometry: “Noncommutative Geometry, Spectral Action and High Energy Physics”.
The meeting will be at the headquarters of the COST association in Bruxelles on 27-28-29 January (starting lunchtime on the 27 and ending lunchtime on the 29).
The aim is to foster contacts between researchers working on noncommutative geometry (both in the spectral action and field theory on noncommutative spaces aspects), and colleagues closer to phenomenology.
The meeting will have the format of a “working reunion” with a very limited number of participants, the room contains about thirty people, but the idea is to have less than this number. Rather than a sequence of talks we are planning to have few “conveners” of discussions. The role of the convenor will be to prepare some material to be circulated in advance, present an introduction of the topic and then moderate the discussion. The ration between talk and discussion should ideally be 50-50.