WG3 Meeting on “Noncommutative Geometry and Gravity”

2017, June 8  —  2017, June 9
ESI, Vienna
John Barrett, Harold Steinacker

This is a small meeting of the Working group WG3, dedicated to discuss the interplay between noncommutative geometry and gravity.
It will take place at the Erwin-Schrödinger-Institute for Mathematics and Physics in Vienna, as a sub-event of the larger thematic programme
“Quantum Physics and Gravity”  http://www.esi.ac.at/activities/events/2017/quantum-physics-and-gravity .

The aim of this WG3 meeting is to foster contacts between researchers working on the relation between noncommutative geometry and gravity.  This will be a small, informal “working reunion” with a very limited number of speakers (only 10 talks, 5 each day).
We plan to have extended discussion sessions and hope to avoid time pressure. Ideally, the ration between talk and discussion should be about 60-40. The speakers were selected through a poll among the WG3 members.
If you’re interested to attend, please contact one of the organizers since all participants need to register with ESI.