Workshop on Noncommutative Field Theory and Gravity

2015, September 1  —  2015, September 26
Mon-Repos, CORFU, Greece
WG1, WG2, WG3

This workshop is organized within the 2015 scientific activity at the “European Institute for Science
and Applications” (EISA), which comprises the following events.

  1. Summer School and Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond, 1-11/9/2015
  2. Workshop on Particles and Cosmology, 13-­19/9/2015
  3. Open Problems in Theoretical Physics: the Issue of Quantum Space-­‐Time, 19-­21/9/2015
  4. Workshop on Noncommutative Field Theory and Gravity, 20-­26/9/2015

held by the National Technical University of Athens, the Municipality of Corfu and several European
Institutions .