22nd Saalburg Summer School, 05-16 September 2016

2016, May 4 (11:54)
Deadline: 2016, June 30

This year’s Saalburg summer school for PhD students will take place
in Wolfersdorf, Thueringen, 05-16 September. It is  organized by
Arthur Hebecker, Olaf Lechtenfeld, Ivo Sachs, Stefan Theisen and Andreas Wipf.
Registration is open.

Topics and lecturers:
Convergent and divergent series in physics C. Bender
Quantization of gauge theories M. Henneaux
Confinement, Yang-Mills, and Super-Yang-Mills E. Poppitz
Scattering amplitudes S. Weinzierl
Conformal bootstrap S. El-Showk

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