Call for QSPACE Training SchooI on Noncommutative Geometry Structures

2017, August 13 (15:48)

Dear Members of the Management Committee of our COST Action,

As leader of our WG 4 I solicit proposals for the third Training School,
to be held for one week during *June to September 2018*, covering the
area of *WG 2*.

Deadline for proposals: *30 September *

Financial frame:

Total budget: 35,000 Euro (approx., subject to budget allocation and
COST approval of Grant Period 4)

The following is an example of how the school budget could be
(approximately) spent. The figures are not mandatory but should serve as
a guideline for what is expected from each proposal:
– 45 students at 500 Euro each (max. allowed trainee grant is 1500 Euro)
– 5 lecturers (travel and lodging)
– local organizer support
For details of the reimbursement and other rules surrounding Training
Schools, please consult Section 5 of the COST Vademecum.

Your proposal should justify the location of the school as being
sustainable to support a reasonably sized cohort of students. It should
detail the student and lecturer accommodation and the lecture facilities
as well as list additional top-up funding from other sources. In
proposing the date please avoid important
thematically related conferences. For good models, you may take a look
at Training School I (Belgrade, August 2016)
or Training School II
September 2017).
Please email your proposal in PDF format not longer than 6 pages to . The Core
Group will then decide and notify the successful proposer by
mid-October. The concrete planning, including the selection of
lecturers, then goes into the hand of WG 2 and the local organizers.

With kind regards,
Olaf Lechtenfeld

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