ESI Instructional Workshop November/December 2015

2015, October 2 (13:53)

As part of the programme “Higher Structures in String Theory and Quantum Field Theory” to be held at the Erwin Schroedinger Institute for Mathematical Physics in Vienna from November 16 to December 19 2015, we will be running a 2 week Instructional Workshop from November 23 to December 4 aimed at students and postdocs. Lecturers will give 3-4 lectures each on cutting edge topics related to the themes of the programme and will feature Ralph Blumenhagen (Munich), Peter Bouwknegt (Canberra), Varghese Mathai (Adelaide), Christian Saemann (Edinburgh), Urs Schreiber (Prague), Peter Schupp (Bremen). The lecture courses will be supplemented by seminars from other participants of the programme together with short contributions from junior participants.

For further details please visit the webpage at

where more information will be posted as it becomes available.

This Instructional Workshop is co-organised by the Action MP1405 “Quantum Structure of Spacetime” from the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), under which there is limited funding to provide partial support to Students and Junior Researchers (80 euro per day). This is to cover living expenses while attending one or both weeks of the instructional workshop. Note that the funding is for up to 10 days excluding the days on which there are no lectures.

Applications should be made to and include a letter of support from the supervisor (students) or a cv (postdoctoral fellows).

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The Organisors: Harald Grosse, Danny Stevenson, Richard Szabo

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