Working Groups

This COST Action is organised into five Working Groups (WGs). The first three WG1-WG3 will be scientific working groups, WG4 will coordinate the first three WGs, with its primary focus on knowledge transfer, exchanging technical tools, and cross-WG research activities. WG5 will focus on gender and outreach activities.

Working Group 1 (NCG applications)

The aim is to further develop tools that connect noncommutative geometry with realistic phenomenological models, including the Standard Models of Particle Physics and Cosmology.

WG1 Leader: Professor George Zoupanos (Greece)

WG1 Vice-leader: Professor Fedele Lizzi (Italy)

WG1-website input can be send to: Fedele Lizzi

All Publications of WG1

Working Group 2 (NCG structures)

The aim is to produce new constructions of fields, matter and quantum spacetimes in noncommutative geometry.

WG2 Leader: Dr Branislav Jurco (Czech Republic)

WG2 Vice-leader: Professor Martin Schlichenmaier (Luxembourg)

WG2-website input can be send to: Jan Pulmann

All Publications of WG2

Working Group 3 (Gravity models)

The aim is to develop deeper connections between noncommutative geometry and other models of gravity.

WG3 Leader: Dr Harold Steinacker (Austria)

WG3 Vice-leader: Professor John Barrett (United Kingdom)

WG3-website input can be send to: Catherine Meusburger

All Publications of WG3

Working Group 4 (cross-WG)

Cross-WG research activities, short-term scientific missions (STSMs).

WG4 Leader: Professor Olaf Lechtenfeld (Germany)

WG4 Vice-leader: Dr Lariska Jonke (Croazia)

WG4-website input can be send to: Patrizia Vitale

Working Group 5 (gender and outreach)

Gender and outreach activities.

WG5 Leader: Professor Mairi Sakellariadou (United Kingdom)

WG5 Vice-leader: Professor Peter Schupp (Germany)

WG5-website input can be send to: Walter van Suijlekom